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Updated 10-17-12  September show report, new pieces available.  Click here for more details.

Welcome to my online gallery.  I take pride in my work and I hope it shows.  Each piece is made in my Florida studio, the old fashioned way--individually, one at a time. 

Some potteries cast pieces in a mold and add a glaze, allowing them to have a catalog of hundreds of pieces that look the same until they "retire" the piece or break the mold.  I prefer to make pottery by hand forming the piece on a potter's wheel and applying my glazes one at a time.  This method is slower and more meticulous, so I can only produce between 150 and 200 pieces per year.  Truly collector's items. 

Some potteries also have many employees and can produce a large amount of work.  In my studio it is just me and occasionally John Tiller helping me out by throwing pots for me to decorate.  Making pottery is an intimate process between artist and clay, and I would like to keep it that way.  This is one of the reasons I have resisted expanding my business and hiring workers to make my pottery.  Sure I could probably make more money, but then it would just be a factory--not art.  

Since 1994, pottery has been a way for me to express the experiences and influences in my life and sometimes the depths of my soul.  Have fun browsing through the site and come back often. 

"One of a kind, one at a time" is my motto.


Eric Olson

Common Ground Pottery

Vero Beach, Florida




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